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by The Fedora Unity Team last modified Sep 30, 2007 06:14 PM

Welcome to Fedora Unity's Re-Spin download site. In the past we have chosen BitTorrent as our method for sharing bits. For our latest release we have gone with using Jigdo to reduce the bandwidth and time requirements of each Spin. Thanks and enjoy!

What Are Re-Spins?

The Fedora Unity Project is proud to announce the release of DVD and CD ISO Re-Spins of Fedora. These ISOs are based upon Fedora and contain all updates released as of the Re-Spin date. When images are in testing, please report successful installs of testing images. Please file bugs for these images against the Fedora Unity bug tracker, not the Fedora Bugzilla.

Where to Download?

As we are a community project, we have limited bandwidth and resources. In the past, we have selected BitTorrent as our method for distribution. As a new feature, we are offering Jigdo images for all our Re-Spin ISOs. Jigdo will reduce the load on our systems and allow everyone to enjoy much faster downloads for the duration of the release. Jigdo also allows us to release updates much more often and allows users to download less for each release as all that needs to be downloaded is the difference between releases. Jump over to the Unity Spins section to pick up the latest Re-Spin.

How to Use Jigdo?

Jump over to Fedora Solved and read our howto

The Idea

The Re-Spin task has been taken up by Fedora Unity to provide the Community with the chance to install Fedora with recent updates, which might otherwise be several hundred megabytes of downloads, already included. This is a Community project, for the Community, by the Community. You can contribute by joining the test process and helping us release more regular Re-Spins.

How to Get Involved?

We are always looking for more testers. To Join the Re-Spin Test team you must first join the Unity-Team and Test-Team mailing lists and get an account for our sites. After you have joined, you may request access to the testing Spins via the lists or in #fedora-unity on FreeNode Thanks for the continued support from our testers.

The Goal

To ultimately expand the Fedora Community by building systems, tools, methods and concepts to expand the functionality of each Fedora release.
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